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In order to get started we need to know a few things from you:-

Domain Registration and Hosting

Do you have a Domain Name registered, something like “”
Do you have a company that will Host your website once it is designed?

If the answer to the above two questions is “No”, we can help you!

You must  first decide on a name that you want to call your website e.g.

We recommend using Afrihost to Register your Domain Name ( e.g. ) and Host your site. They will charge you R69 a month. If you want to use them click on the link below and scroll down to the column headed "Silver Home" and then scroll down to the “Sign Up Now” under Silver Home and click on it. On the next page click on "Web Hosting" and then "Linux Shared Hosting" . Make sure Silver Home is Highlighted for R69 click "Next Step".  Then just follow the instructions.


When they have processed your order they will send you an email with a username and password on it, please forward that to us.

You are of course free to use any of the numerous Hosting companies that are available should you for any reason decided to do so.

To design the actual Website, we will need you to provide us with:-

A copy of your Logo if you have one.
Your preferred colour scheme if it differs from the colours in your Logo.
A short write up of what it is that you want the website to promote.
What each page of the website will be called. E.g. “Home”, “About Us”, “Products”, “Services”, “Contact Us”.
Any other text or pictures that you want to be included.
If applicable, a list of any websites that you would like us to use as a reference with regards to colours or layout, in order to design your website.

From the above information we design a layout and send you a draft layout of what we think the  “Look and Feel”  of your Home Page could  be.  You have a look at the Draft and let us know what changes you want. We make the changes and send it back to you. This process is repeated until you are 100% satisfied with how your website will look.

The above process is very important, as you need to be sure that the “Look and Feel” of your website is how you want your business/service presented. A Financial Services site for instance needs to portray a dignified, conservative look, while an After School/Crèche may need to have a more fun, playful look about it.

Once you’re happy with the design it will be used as the template for the pages of your website. Using the information you have supplied we now start coding your website and either upload it to your hosting site or upload it to one of our test sites, so that you can look at it as if it were live on the internet. As each page is completed you will be able to monitor the progress and advise us if there are any changes you would like. This keeps you involved in the development process.

Should you have any questions or require clarification on any of the points above please contact us as we are  happy to discuss them with you.
E-mail:           Phone: 083 415 0037
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